About Us

Be Headed For Victory!

BHFV Clothing Co.

     BHFV is a clothing brand that was originally created with the extreme sports world in mind. Athletes and competitors such as mma fighters and boxers all share the same ultimate goal: victory. Shortly after forming the company, we quickly came to realize that no matter what your profession, hobby, or interests may be; victory is and should be a goal on everyone’s list. There’s a saying that goes, “whatever you are, be a good one”. Anything and everything we do in life, we should do it wholeheartedly and give it our best. We should strive for greatness, and Be Headed For Victory.

In 2011, Dan Boyce and Freddy Sicoli decided to start a business together. Both coming from the automotive paint industry, they wanted to combine their skills and talents to form a brand so exclusive with the freshest designs unlike any other that would not only be stylish, but also motivating and inspiring. They wanted to make the brand feel personal, one that people could feel that they are a part of. They also wanted to provide a platform for those people to share their stories of victory. As Fred and Dan were forming the company, they experienced lots of setbacks, but refused to quit, as they were dedicated to mastering their trade, and in doing so they were writing their own story of victory. In 2015, they experienced a breakthrough, and have their own equipment allowing them to be in complete control of the entire creative process.

Freddy’s creative mind and Dan’s attention to detail is exactly what is needed to create a high quality brand second to none, producing quality merchandise that our customers will be proud and inspired to wear.